Aramaic Broadcasting Network
10/40 Discipleship Partnership

Aramaic Broadcasting Network’s 10/40 Discipleship Program consists of 150 Short Christian Discipleship Lessons developed by Pastor Brian Holmes.

These short 10-minute discipleship lessons are being utilized by over 60-75 global evangelists and pastors located throughout the 10/40 window to reach the world’s most unreached people groups and make disciples of Jesus there.

How it works: 150 written and video lessons will be written and produced by Pastor Holmes of MPowered Christian Ministries. They will be sent to ABN where they will be sent to 60-75 partnering evangelists and pastors living within and reaching the 10/40 window. ABN will translate the messages into 15+ languages and produce video and audio versions of them through multiple ABN satellite radio stations, social networks, TV shows, podcasts, YouTube, and web applications. More than 25 live programs are broadcast weekly in Arabic, English, Urdu, Turkish, Farsi, Bengali and Suorth languages. This content could reach potentially millions of people in dozens of the most unreached countries in the world!


Financial Side: This project with ABN began in February of 2021. A very small seed grant was given to us by Missionary Church to begin the project although it is a 3-Year commitment to an almost entirely unfunded project that will take MPowered Christian Ministries thousands of hours of research, writing, and production to complete. We’re dedicated to complete this project and do it with excellence whether or not we ever truly get compensated for our time. It’s all for the glory of God, the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and potential global impact it could have!!! That being said, we could really use your financial support to help us with this project. Donations are greatly appreciated! You can let us know in the donation section of our website that you’d like your donation to help with this project. Thank you so so much!

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10/40 Discipleship Lessons

Our 10/40 Discipleship Lessons are also a part of our Driveway Discipleship program.

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