A 30-Day GUIDE FOR NEW BELIEVERS, Faith Foundations for the Christian Life

The Christian Life is a Marathon Start Strong Then Run It Well!

Ready Set Go is a 30-Day Devotional and Spiritual Formation Lesson Plan to help New Believers hit the ground running. It’s a great resource for: those just saved, mature believers looking for an engaging read, people doing 1-on-1 discipleship, and for use in small groups as a 30-Week curriculum. Each day’s lesson can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. You’ll learn:

  • Section 1 – Essential Christian beliefs you need to understand and trust, common misunderstandings explained, false teachings debunked
  • Section 2 – How to start strong to prevent common errors and correct often neglected things that cause many to later stumble or struggle
  • Section 3 – How we got the Bible, what the Bible is, why you should trust it, and how to correctly interpret it and apply it to your life today
  • Section 4 – A high-level overview of what’s in each of all 66 books in the Bible; who wrote them, when, and why; and key parts to know
  • Section 5 – How to embrace a truly authentic Christian lifestyle, live in a way that pleases God, fulfill your purpose, and change the world

A life-changing, yet convenient and easy to follow way to start out each day on the right foot. Ignite your walk with Jesus! A companion journal, e-course, and free small group videos are also available.

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Length: 10 hours
Total Audiobook Chapters: 38
Longest Chapter Length: 39:02 minutes
Average Chapter Length: 15:45 minutes
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Ready Set Go book by Brian S. Holmes E-Course
4D Devotionals Series - Daily | Depth | Discipleship | Drive

4D Devotionals Series is a collection of 30-day Christian devotionals, each with a unique theme. 4D stands for an emphasis on:

  • Daily – Spending time in God’s presence and developing your relationship
  • Depth – Biblical, sermon-style lessons for theological education and truth
  • Discipleship – Becoming like Jesus through spiritual transformation
  • Drive – Mobilization through practical application and action steps



  • Introduction to Ready Set Go
  • Discipleship Tools: 3 Ways To Use This Book
  • Introduction to 4D Devotional Series
  • Tips for Better Results


      Foundational Beliefs

      • Day 1 – Believe and Share the Complete Authentic Gospel
      • Day 2 – The Fall, the Consequences, and Our Response
      • Day 3 – Saved By Grace Through Faith In Christ. Period.
      • Day 4 – Jesus Isn’t Savior If He’s Not Also Lord
      • Day 5 – Monotheism, Holy Trinity, Authentic Jesus, and Nicaea
      • Day 6 – From New Birth to Sanctification to Glorification
      • Day 7 – Embrace Your Adoption and New Identity 47

      Start the Marathon Strong

      • Day 8 – Remove Unequal Yokes and Slaughter the Oxen
      • Day 9 – Give God All of You (The Three Baptisms)
      • Day 10 – Freedom From the Penalty, Power, and Presence of Sin
      • Day 11 – Defeat Your #3 Enemy: Satan’s Kingdom
      • Day 12 – Pursue Spiritual Freedom & Health (Self-Deliverance)
      • Day 13 – Manage Your Stinkin’ Thinkin’ (TB-Fab)
      • Day 14 – Train For Your Marathon with Spiritual Discipline

      Your Highest Authority : The Bible

      • Day 15 – Diviners, Psychics, and Prophets… Oh My!
      • Day 16 – How Is The Bible The Word of God?
      • Day 17 – How Did We Get The Bible? Is It Reliable?
      • Day 18 – How The Bible Is Without Error
      • Day 19 – How to Understand and Apply the Bible

      A Survey Through The Entire Bible

      • Day 20 – From Creation to Israel // Genesis
      • Day 21 – From Egypt to the Promised Land // Exodus – Deuteronomy
      • Day 22 – The Books of the Old Testament // Joshua – Malachi
      • Day 23 – The Life and Ministry of Jesus // Matthew – John
      • Day 24 – Early Church History & Teaching // Acts – Revelation

      Your New Lifestyle

      • Day 25 – Intimacy With God Through Daily Encounters
      • Day 26 – Steward Your Life For God’s Glory
      • Day 27 – Embrace Ways God Develops Spiritual Maturity
      • Day 28 – Bless The Body With Your Spiritual Gifts
      • Day 29 – Be Active in a Biblical Spirit-Filled Missional Church
      • Day 30 – Be Discipled And Make Disciples

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