Become an AFFILIATE for a Christian Ministry!

MPowered Christian Ministries is an evangelical ministry established in 2014 to empower and mobilize disciples of Jesus to advance the Kingdom of God globally. We do this through biblical education, spiritual renovation, and disciple creation provided through online education, apologetics, and outreach; local small group discipleship and evangelism; and a variety of for-sale Christian products and services.

What is an Affiliate and How does it help both of us?

We’re currently seeking affiliates to help generate sales. Affiliate marketing is a reward-based system that encourages partners (affiliates) to promote our products in exchange for a commission. An affiliate is someone who has a formal relationship with us that allows them to tell other people about our organization and earn a commission on any sales that are generated. As an affiliate you would share links to our products or services to your friends, family, social networks, or social media following. We hope that as a student, client and supporter we’ve earned you referring us to others anyways – we just want to give you an extra incentive to refer us more boldly and more often! 🙂

Any sales for services and products helps to financially support our staff and operations and to fund our other non-compensatory evangelical ministry efforts that we provide free of charge to help edify Christians, bring the Gospel to the lost globally, and bring healing of Christ to a broken world. We can’t do it alone. Even a small amount of affiliates helping us would greatly help us bring in more business! You can help us spread our content to other people to be blessed by it, and we’re happy to bless you financially to do it. You can make a difference in the world through your affiliate efforts. Even consider this part of your ministry as a disciple of Jesus! You’re not only telling them about Jesus you’re also helping them connect with a ministry that will help them grow as a true disciple.

A Note to Christian Influencers:

We want our message and influence to go out far and wide, globally, and to connect with as many people as possible. If you’re an influencer with a Christian audience we want to develop a personal relationship with you and to earn your trust. This way, in addition to offering a generous commission to you, we’re also providing your following with valuable resources that benefit them and increase their trust in you. An additional benefit if you’re an advocate of our organization, and your beliefs, goals and values are inline with ours, then we want to also use our platform to help you as well.

Marketing Opportunities:

Our book, courses, and other materials double as a Bible Study (educational/practical) curriculum so they could be marketed to individual Christians or directly to churches, denominations, Christian conference organizations, book stores or other retail outlets, Christian e-commerce stores, ministry organizations (teaching or mission-based), home churches, small groups, Christian retreats or more. They could also be marketed through Christian book reviewers, Christian bloggers, Christian YouTubers, or Christian podcasts. Likewise, our personal services (coaching or counseling) could also be marketed to many of the above organizations as a resource for their audience or to the ministry partners themselves.

Affiliate Options Available

Tier 1 – Online Courses / Membership Programs (Available Now)

All The Empowered Christian Road Map Transformation Program students and Empowered365 members level 2 and above are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program at our school at Enroll today and start promoting!

Tier 2 – Other Online Products/Counseling Services – Coming Soon!

We’re in the process of building out a full scale affiliate program that will allow affiliates to earn commission on everything available online, besides donations. All other products (books, artwork, etc) and services (counseling, life coaching, etc.) will receive commission for probably the first 45 days. More to come on this later. We will do whatever we need to make these terms attractive to our affiliates and easy for them to share.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions you can message us using the form below. Please note this form is for questions related to genuine interest in our affiliate program. All solicitations from companies will be discarded.

Additionally, if you submit a request for us to simply donate or volunteer to your cause it will be discarded. If you would like to pursue a relationship where we partner together to help you, join our membership program level 3 and have your organization or cause listed in our business directory, or level 4 where you can attend our monthly workshops and we can work together to help your ministry.

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