A 30-Day Journey with Jesus to Triumph over Blah and Fulfill Your Purpose

Life changing while shockingly convenient and easy to follow, this simple, step-by-step blueprint will unlock your understanding of the Christian life, spiritually energize your day, and ignite your purpose as a disciple of Jesus.

Only 20 minutes a day could change your life!

Do you feel confused, lost, and stuck? In as little as 20 minutes a day for 30 days, you can triumph over apathy and lack of direction, and begin fulfilling your life purpose. Choose to refuse to remain aimless!

AIMLESS is the first in a revolutionary new approach to a daily devotional, drawn from years of experience as a transformation expert and the most thought-provoking elements of his landmark book, The Empowered Christian Road Map: A Guide for Evangelicals – 8 Key Principles for Unswerving Faith, Laser-Focused Direction, and a Life Driven by Purpose and Action.

Through these short yet powerful daily lessons and journaling activities, you’ll receive direct biblical truths, paradigm-shifting insights, greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and actions that will transform your life.

Introduction to Aimless and the 4D Devotionals Series

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4D Devotionals Series - Daily | Depth | Discipleship | Drive

4D Devotionals Series is a collection of 30-day Christian devotionals, each with a unique theme. 4D stands for an emphasis on:

  • Daily – Spending time in God’s presence and developing your relationship
  • Depth – Biblical, sermon-style lessons for theological education and truth
  • Discipleship – Becoming like Jesus through spiritual transformation
  • Drive – Mobilization through practical application and action steps



  • Introduction to 4D Devotional Series
  • Introduction to AIMLESS
  • Tips for Better Results


      • Day 1 – Where Is Your Life Going?
      • Day 2 – The Empowered Christian Road Map (Your Life Blueprint)
      • Day 3 – What’s the Purpose of Life?
      • Day 4 – You’ve Been Given An Incredible Opportunity!
      • Day 5 – A Final Destination Worth Striving Toward
      • Day 6 – Why you Must be Born Again to be Saved
      • Day 7 – Understanding the Process of Salvation
      • Day 8 – What does it Mean to Be a New Creation in Christ?
      • Day 9 – How Satan is the Saboteur of Your Journey
      • Day 10 – The 4 Main Ways Satan leads people to Hell
      • Day 11 – Close these 8 Open Doors and Keep Satan Out
      • Day 12 – 8 Keys to a Mindset for Emotional Health and Success
      • Day 13 – The 4 Habits of the Emotionally Resilient Christian
      • Day 14 – 8 Lifestyle Behaviors of the Emotionally Resilient Christian
      • Day 15 – The Fruitfulness of your Life Shows Your Direction
      • Day 16 – God Demands Moral Righteousness and Justice
      • Day 17 – Are Good Works Evidence of your Saving Faith?
      • Day 18 – The Christian Mission is Not to Fix the World
      • Day 19 – Your Mission as a Disciple of Jesus
      • Day 20 – 4 Keys to Run your Spiritual Race well
      • Day 21 – Who and What is The Church?
      • Day 22 – What are the Basic Functions of the Local Church?
      • Day 23 – How to go from Healthy to Empowered Church
      • Day 24 – What’s your Identity and Calling?
      • Day 25 – How to Be Empowered for your Mission
      • Day 26 – How to Improve Your Life using TECRM
      • Day 27 – How to Make Disciples using TECRM
      • Day 28 – How to Make Better Decisions using TECRM
      • Day 29 – How to Prioritize Your Life using TECRM
      • Day 30 – God’s Answer to Your “Why?” (Fan or Disciple?)

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