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Could life improve?

Could you benefit from having a Life Coach? The best of the best in every endeavor, those who excel in business, sports, music, fitness, career, family, and virtually every other area of life related to human performance ALL have coaches who support them.

There is something truly empowering about having an objective voice of reason, wisdom, and biblical counsel speaking into your life helping you be your best.

This benefit is multiplied when they’re also an accomplished, trained and experienced coach, Holy Spirit-led, spiritually gifted, and is a dedicated resource whose only purpose and objective is to help you discover and reach your highest potential.

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Pastor Brian Holmes
Ordained Life Coach Minister, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach,
Transformation Expert, and Host of the The Empower Hour

I’ve coached hundreds of clients since 2006 helping many people experience dramatic positive transformation in their personal and professional lives. I work with clients through one-on-one coaching in person in our St. Petersburg, FL office or over video chat or phone worldwide. I have extended and weekend hours and same day appointments available. I’m happy to help you in any way I can and I have an extremely diverse skillset of knowledge, experience, discernment, and wisdom. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about possible areas we could start.

  • Develop skills such as team building, public speaking, active listening
  • Personal leadership training (that honors God)
  • Life management training (using biblical principles)
  • Communication training
  • How to cultivate healthy relationships with others

Career Coaching and Development

Successful people invest in themselves. Anyone who’s stuck would benefit from career coaching. Often career issues are so close to home and emotionally charged that it’s hard to make the best decisions, or even to know where to start. Career coaching is different from career counseling-which often involves various tests and conduct assessments. You’re in the driver seat, I’m just riding shotgun with a map, GPS, and a knowledge of the terrain. I’m also an expert resume designer. Get help with everything from finding the right job, to advancing in the field you’re already in, to finding a completely new career that will be more fulfilling and better aligned with your calling.

  • Exploring and evaluating your unique calling, gifts, talents, abilities, or spiritual gifts
  • Planning and refining your future ministry or career goals
  • Troubleshooting challenges in your current church, ministry, employment, or career
  • Developing creative strategies to take your church, ministry, or career to next level
  • Resume building and creation
  • How to seize opportunities to share the gospel in the workplace
  • How to bring the light of Christ into your workplace
  • How God uses your work to advance His Kingdom (even non-ministry-related work)
  • The importance of doing your work with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength
  • How to turn a nightmare job into a dream job
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Regardless of what’s going on in your life I’m here to help you figure it out and get your breakthrough!

Emotional Coaching

Emotional intelligence affects all areas of life: how we cope with stress in our own lives; relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners; and our performance at work. Emotional intelligence is your ability to perceive, distinguish, understand, and manage your own emotions and those of others, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. Our emotions, more than any other contributing factor, are what drives our actions. Every decision we make, every choice to act or not to act, is determined by our intention to either feel better or to avoid feeling badly. As a Coach I can help you learn to manage your emotions and significantly enhance the quality of your life by letting your purpose, values, mission, and goals drive your life instead of unchecked emotions.

Financial Coaching

Many of life’s necessities, as well as our ability to enjoy some of life’s little pleasures, require us to deal with and manage our money effectively. Maybe you’re in the middle of a tough financial situation right now, or you’re dealing with issues and emotions you never thought you would have to experience. If you are struggling to make your budget work, you need a plan to eliminate debt, or have other questions about real estate, retirement planning, emergency funds, etc. I’m not a licensed financial planner, just a knowledgeable, balanced, and wise person who can help.

Mental Coaching

Are you an athlete, competitive professional, or in some way perform or compete in mentally-challenging activities? Mental skills training can help with enhanced performance, increased enjoyment, and greater self-satisfaction. Mental skills training refers to the systematic and consistent practice of mental or psychological skills. Methods and techniques come from a variety of sources including mainstream psychology, research of elite athletes and experiences of coaches and athletes. Commonly useful mental skills include arousal regulation (ability to control emotions including stress/anxiety), visualization and mental preparation, confidence building, attention and concentration, self talk, mental plans (creation and management of), goal setting, leadership, and communication. Let me help you identify and build up the skills to excel at your craft.

Nutrition Coaching

As a certified fitness nutrition specialist and health and fitness professional with 13+ years of experience I can help you develop a plan for healthy eating. I can help you cut through the fads, trends, and talking heads on social media and do what works. I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist but I know what works and I can help you develop a plan to improve your diet, live self-controlled, lose fat, build muscle, increase lifespan, improve performance, etc. I have online tools, journals, resources, we can use to help you design and manage a long term plan to reach your health or fitness goals. I will guide you through the process and help you get through hurdles along the way. If you have specific diet requirements (or preferences) I will show you how to optimize them.

Personal Training

Are you looking for one-on-one, in-home mobile personal training and nutrition coaching near the St. Petersburg, FL / SW Tampa area? Contact me for my current availability. Not local? I can also help you completely virtually by designing you custom workout plans optimized for your goals, help you with exercise technique over video, have accountability, setup nutrition programs, recommend supplementation, and more. Is your goal to develop power, increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve mobility, reduce pain, improve balance to reduce risk of injury or falling, increase endurance, improve sports performance, or something else? I can help provide education, motivation, accountability, exercise demonstration, and create custom diet plans and workout programs for you.

Relationship Coaching

Solution-focused relationship coaching for people who are unhappy in their relationship, and those who want to prevent divorce or a break-up, and a broken home. If there are problems we will address those. And if there aren’t, then we will focus on problem prevention and optimizing the relationship so that it flourishes. My relationship help is uplifting, warm, non-judgmental, and has a great balance for both partners, whether you attend the sessions alone or together. Significantly improve or save your relationship by getting to the root of your deepest needs and following some simple, common sense approaches to relationship problems. In a relatively short space of time, even couples with long-standing relationship problems will reignite mutual love, passion, intimacy, communication, respect, and understanding.

Retirement Coaching

Are you retired with plenty of time and/or money but unsure of what to do with it? What a great dilemma to have! Research shows that most people don’t plan for the aspects of non-financial retirement planning. Retirement isn’t an ending, rather, it’s a transition into a new, exciting phase of life! I can help you cope with the changing relationships with family and friends, discover your purpose and meaning, and explore new areas of personal development and growth. Let me help you explore, discover, and find new ways to achieve and live your retirement dreams.

Startup / Business Coaching

Trying to turn a skill or passion into a business, and need help getting it off the ground? Trying to get back on track, or step up your game in a business you’re already running? I can help. I started my first business, an advertising agency, in 2006 where I helped coach dozens of entrepreneurs in many different industries. I’ve helped many people get over the start-up hump and deal with all sorts of issues. My business coaching services can help you: figure out what type of business to start, so you can live the life you want; target a profitable niche; draft an effective business plan; choose a legal structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, nonprofit, etc.), market and promote on a budget, develop a web presence, use technology to manage your business and its systems, implement simple and effective financial management systems, and grow your business with contractors or employees.

Spiritual Coaching

Many go through life without knowing their purpose, living small, constricted lives, accomplishing and experiencing far less than what they were born for. They get caught up in the rat race of making ends meet, when they should be living in abundance and impacting the world. Have you been caught in that trap? Are you searching for meaning in your life, spending your time on things that you know are NOT why you’re here? Do you want to connect with your deepest inner self, discover your true purpose, and live the life you were meant to live? I can help you get a clear idea of YOUR purpose and core values, form an actionable, successful plan, and discover the obstacles holding you back.

Something Else? And a reason you shouldn’t hire me.

Can you see by this list that I’m on a whole other level as a Life Coach?! (And I excluded Deliverance and Healing, Bible teaching, Counseling). Most life coaches have a specific niche and only help with a few things but I help my clients in literally every way that I’m able to.

Caveat, if you know EXACTLY what you need, and you need ONLY an EXPERT that specializes on ONE thing then you’re better off hiring someone else to help you with that. No one can be an expert at everything and I certainly don’t claim to be. Sometimes we do need dedicated expertise. But if you just want to improve your life and see many things I could help you with, and don’t want to hire 20 different experts who all charge specialist top dollar, then let me be your guy!

Whether your situation is a complex problem you already need help with, or you’re not even sure what you want out of life or where to start, I’m here to help you figure it out so you don’t have to do it alone. The Lord wants you to have a self-controlled, self and Holy Spirit-directed, fulfilling, victorious, empowered, and missional life. Schedule a new client onboarding session with me on this page and let’s get started!

Appointment Information

First Time New Client Onboarding Session

  • 3 hour session (2 hours 50 minutes, 20-minute break in middle) — Why? (See “Important Information” below)
  • We offer a sliding scale based on your financial ability
  • Suggested rate: $375 ($125/hour)
  • Minimum cost: $185

All Future Appointments

  • You can book one-hour (50 minute) sessions any time
  • Suggested rate: $125
  • Minimum cost: $75

Payment Options

Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Wallets, Apple Pay, Debit Cards, Buy now pay later, JCB, Diners Club, China UnionPay, ACH, Venmo, and more. You can also make donations here.

MPowered Christian Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. You can write off our Christian Life Coaching services. We’re also a local-church supporting missional organization. Your contributions to us are part of your tithes and offerings.

Important Information

Important info about your Onboarding Session, Paperwork, Technical Issues with Zoom, and Session Preparation

Why such a long onboarding appointment? This is a 3-hour Zoom video session over a computer, tablet, or phone webcam, with a 20-minute break in the middle.

One of the reasons our onboarding session is longer is so that we can adequately understand your history and situation. This extended time allows us more time to carefully go through and discuss what you tell us in your new client profile in detail, answer all your questions, allow you to get to know your counselor and vice versa. It also provides us more time to not rush, to educate, to allow the Holy Spirit to guide our conversation, and to build a better foundation for a more beneficial life coaching relationship that gets you results.

This session is scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance to provide adequate time for scheduling the session and time to fill out the appropriate paperwork prior to the session. It also gives you time to deal with technical issues such as setting up Zoom, testing your internet connection, determining a private place to have your session, etc.

Paperwork – Once you book your appointment we will email you paperwork to complete online before your appointment. It is your responsibility to complete and submit your online paperwork before our session time. Contact our office by phone if you haven’t received your new client forms by email within 3 hours. You will know that they have successfully been submitted when you receive a confirmation email that includes a PDF copy for your own records. Please note that if you don’t fill it out completely, use your legal name, or don’t submit it at least two hours before your session then you will need to reschedule your appointment. The paperwork is filled out and signed online. This works best from a computer or tablet. If you’re not very technically savvy please keep all of this in mind and schedule your session several days from now to give yourself enough time to complete it.

Zoom Session Link – Your Zoom link is already embedded in the appointment and payment receipt email you will receive after schedule your appointment. Be sure not to delete this email. If you received your appointment time and payment confirmation email but don’t see the Zoom link button in it please contact us ASAP. Do not wait until your session time has already started to mention this to your life coach. Thank you.

Zoom Technical Issues – It is your responsibility to test your Zoom link prior to your session time and make sure that your device’s video, audio, and internet connection/speed is working well on your end. The link will work even before your session time. If your device or connection is not working contact us by phone at +1 727-537-6727 ASAP to reschedule your session for a later date. If you wait until your session time and your life coach has to sit around and wait for you, you will have to pay for that time, and it will come out of your session time. If you’re not very technically savvy please keep all of this in mind and schedule your session several days from now to give yourself enough time to make sure all of this is working prior to your appointment time.

Still have questions? First read the rest of our FAQ below. It answers most questions.

Other Questions? If you have any lingering questions preventing you from scheduling your new client onboarding session you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation call from Pastor Brian to discuss your concerns. Please note this is not an extension of your actual session time nor is it for current clients who have already had sessions with us in the past. It’s for answering any concerns preventing you from making an appointment and becoming a client of our ministry. We want to earn your trust.

A truly Holistic Life Coaching process

Our life coaching includes:

  1. Making sure you know, understand, and trust in the Gospel and other Bible truths
  2. Helping you Trust and have a Relationship with Jesus (if you don’t have this nothing else matters)
  3. A Christ and Gospel-centered worldview and lifestyle (in addition to focusing on the things you want to focus on)
  4. In-depth Analysis of your situation and spiritual condition (discussed with you in detail so you gain understanding)
  5. If we discover areas better suited for deliverance, inner healing, or counseling we also provide those as well
  6. Helping and empowering you to have understanding, participate, and even direct the process so that results are truly yours
  7. Ongoing counseling towards wholeness, holiness, sanctification, and godly living to live free
  8. Ongoing discipleship and life coaching to help you have an empowered, missional, and prosperous life

Ready to get started? Use the appointment scheduler on this page to schedule your New Client Onboarding Session now!

Christian counseling Biblical counseling virtual

Professional • Affordable • Virtual • Convenient

Extended Hours:

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm (EST)

9:00 am – 3:30 pm (EST)

Sundays (case-by-case basis)

Other Features:

  • Affordable Sliding Scale based on income
  • Schedule Appointments Yourself Online (pick your ideal time)
  • Same and Next Day Appointments available
  • Appointments by Zoom, Phone, Email, or In-Person (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Many ways to contact Pastor Brian for quick questions (within all online courses, monthly live workshops, weekly live streamed programs)
  • Get help with major life and business decisions

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