Spiritual Warfare Bootcamp

Description: This 7-part workshop will equip you to be an effective spiritual warrior for Christ. This introductory systematic workshop will greatly expand your knowledge with biblical theology as well as relevancy and practical application. You’ll be challenged personally, changing the way you see your reality, purpose, lifestyle, and your role within the Kingdom of God. Be empowered to fight victoriously in the name of Jesus!

Workshop Outline:

Part 1

Part 1: Fighting the GOOD FIGHT

In this lesson we learn to see the greater spiritual fight with a deeper understanding, exploring various views and learning how and why it is impossible to remain on the sidelines. We have a choice in this fight. There isn’t a draft for this army. We aren’t forced to do it, we enlist on our own. It is our choice to lay our lives down to serve and follow Jesus. We either lay down our rebellion to God, repent and trust in Jesus, and live for Him, or we remain as we were, unknowingly helping Satan to dominate and enslave the world into continuing to rebel against God. The world needs the church. If the church of Christ won’t fight, then who will?

Part 2

Part 2: Recon: Know Thy Enemy

In this lesson we explore the deeper levels of the unseen reality. Not knowing who the enemy is and understanding his covert tactics makes it much easier to be blindsided and overtaken by his schemes! You will learn how to better understand Satan and demons, their origins, their motivations, and their specific methods of operation in the world. It is can be evidenced by the sin still plaguing the lives and minds of the average Christian and the sickness in the modern church that the enemy isn’t well understood or properly defended against. Military experts say that if you can get into the mind of your enemy and know their agenda, goals, and operations you’re well on your way to victory.

Part 3

Part 3: Landscape Analysis & Security Operations

In this lesson we analyze what is happening on the world’s battlefield to better understand what the enemy is doing and where. Without doing so, you will be vulnerable to attacks yourself, and even used by the enemy to attack others! We will also explore how God used prophets, Israel, the Law, Atonement, and Grace to restrain the enemy’s influence, invoke both blessings and curses upon individuals, nations, institutions, and movements in the world. You will learn how to recognize, break, and protect yourself from God’s curses and invoke God blessings in your life. You’ll also learn how to set up defensive walls and offensive measures around you to protect yourself from the enemy.

Part 4

Part 4: Know Thy Victorious Commander

In this lesson we explore the depths of who our Commander is, our Lord and King Jesus Christ. We will examine the Bible thoroughly and uncover profound new insights about the Millennial Kingdom and the power and authority over the enemy that Jesus has and that we also have as members of His Kingdom. If you don’t know the Commander, personally, and have unwavering faith in His absolute victory and total authority over the enemy, and deeply understand and trust that the church can and should walk in that victory, then you will be like the man who built his house on sand, rather than rock, when the floods of the enemy come! (Matthew 7:24-27)

Part 5

Part 5: Recognizing the Trojan Horse

In this lesson we analyze in-depth the various ways Satan is infiltrating into our personal lives and society. We will explore questions like “Can a Christian be possessed?,” evaluate modern-day exorcism, and learn the extent of how the enemy can or cannot, attack, oppress, or influence people today. This lesson biblically and philosophically explores multi-dimensional reality, the dynamics of human body-spirit nature, and the inner workings of the soul and free will.

Part 6

Part 6: Combat Trauma Care

In this lesson we examine how Satan afflicts individuals (including yourself) much more closely. Many Christians are unknowingly living wounded, bleeding, and half-defeated from the enemy’s flaming arrows but they don’t need to! You’ll learn how to do “spiritual housekeeping,” locating areas of your life that Satan has exploited, and find inner healing and restoration for yourself and others. This will empower you to fight the good fight with victory and perseverance.

Part 7

Part 7: Walking in Victory & Tactical Training

In the final lesson we will summarize all lessons and show you how they all fit together for day-to-day victory. You’ll learn principles of ethical and disciplined living, inner healing, how to equip yourself for defense with the full armor of God, and other tactical offensive skills. You’ll be empowered in Christ, with authority and power and tactical skill over the enemy, able to preserve yourself and rescue others, becoming the spiritual soldier God wants you to be.

Entire Bootcamp Live at a Church Near You!


Location: At your church!

Schedule: (View scheduled events)

Duration: 7 parts (roughly one-hour sermon/keynote each)

  • Option A: 45-60 minutes, once per week, per service (sermon substitute)
  • Option B: 1-2 hours, once per week (include time for Q&A and/or breakout study groups)
  • Option C: 1-3 day weekday or weekend conference (in-person)
  • Option D: Any of the above options virtually)

Cost: Pay our guest speaking/conference fee (schedule consult to discuss pricing) and allow attendees to come at no charge. You may also choose to charge attendees through our event registration system.

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Entire Bootcamp as an Online Course (7 Sessions)

Description: Our entire 7-part workshop is currently being converted into an online course. Great for individuals for personal study or for use in home churches, Bible studies, or other types of small groups. You can simply watch the videos as-is and follow along with your printed study guide, or you can watch first and then use our downloadable slides to teach the content yourself to your small group. Single license – We only require that you not sell them to others or give the materials away to other individuals or churches. But you are free to use them to teach as many or as often as you’d like! We want you to build communities, spread knowledge, and help make disciples and create revival!

  • Lifetime access to full length, ad-free HD videos online
  • Printable Study Guides (even includes a space to write in your church/small group’s contact info)
  • Printable Quizzes and Answer Key
  • Printable Group Discussion Questions
  • Downloadable PDF version of all Slides – Entire Keynote Slide Presentation is available for download (same as seen in the videos)
  • Editable PDF – you’re able to add or remove slides according to your personal preferences/audience if you would like to

Cost: $100

Course #1 of 7 is available online now, the rest coming soon!

Entire Bootcamp Live Online Webinar with Q&A

Description: Are you ready and eager to learn this content from us? Are you not worried about having lifetime access to it to watch again later or getting any the study guide or discussion questions? Would you trade all of that for 30 minutes of spiritual warfare and deliverance Q&A instead so you can put it all into practice right now? If so, this is the right option for you! Live webinar taught directly to you by Pastor Brian. Bring your friends, family, and small group to view it together and split the cost with them.

Location: Wherever you are, worldwide via Internet

Option #1 — Length: 7 Weeks (45-60 minute presentation followed by 15-minutes of Q&A once per week)
Option #2 — Single Day Virtual Conference (4-hour presentation, 1-hour lunch break, then 3-hour presentation followed by 1-hour of Q&A)

Cost: (For small groups of <25 people, for larger churches please call to discuss pricing)
Option #1 — $1,250
Option #2 — $1,500

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Purchase Individual Courses Online

Description: A single session from our workshop available as an individual online course. No downloadable PDF of the slides to teach from. Ideal for individual use. Most affordable option.

  • Lifetime Access to full length, ad-free videos online
  • Printable Study Guide
  • Online Quiz
  • Online Study Group Questionnaire
  • Discussion Forum

Cost: $15.00 On Sale! $10.00

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Live Workshop Details: This course is introductory in nature but it is also theologically rich and packed with biblical reading. Please come alert and ready to learn. For Live Workshops participants study guide worksheets and quizzes will be provided upon arrival for you to follow along with the presentation, to take notes on, and to provide links to supplementary resources. Please bring a pen and a pad/book to write on.

Online Webinar Details: A custom link will be emailed to you prior to the webinar to download and print your study guide worksheet to follow along with and your quiz and questionnaire afterwards. You will also receive a separate email with information to access the webinar.

Online Course/Digital Download Details: You can purchase both the full bootcamp series or single course lessons. Where noted, it includes access to ad-free, full-length videos, as well as PDF versions of the keynote slides, and the printable study guides, quizzes, and questionnaires.

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