This is a promotional video for our ACTION System. The idea behind our Action System is to help church leaders to empower and mobilize their churches into becoming more missional disciples into action in their communities.

Too many Christians are just sitting in pews on Sunday or are involved with church but in only INTERNAL ways: attending Bible studies, life groups, discipleship groups, church events, etc.

We are called not only to BE but also to DO and to GO!

The real key is that, when left to ourselves, we will accomplish very little. We were meant to partner with one another and work together to glorify God, proclaim the gospel to the lost, and transform culture.

Our Action System is a three-part plan to help churches get started educating, training, and mobilizing their church members into discovering THEIR passion and calling, organizing around others interested in the same passion, and then actively doing something about it! So it’s not about churches deciding what is important and telling them what to do. It is about equipping them with the outline and tools to do this for themselves.

We can provide just phase 1 by just coming as a guest speaker, or help with phase 1 and 2, or help with all 3 phases. And we could just help you get started and you could always reach out if you’d like more help later through coaching. It’s up to you.

Option / Phase 1:

Action Sermons

I (Brian Holmes) will come as a Guest Speaker.

Low cost, low commitment option. Try me out one time and test the waters. See how it goes. See how well we work together and see how well your church responds to me and to the concept of being more missional and action-oriented. You pick the topic/theme. I will do my best to accommodate the beliefs, vision, and goals of your church and leadership team. I come to your church to provide an Engaging & Empowering Sermon in any of our unique themes. I help inspire your people to action but you’re responsible for all the follow-through with your people.

Option / Phase 2:

Action Workshops

I (Brian Holmes) will host a conference or workshop at your church.

Medium commitment, medium cost. Choose this option if you know you want to go in a certain direction and you’re ready to. I come as a guest speaker to do a longer form workshop series to go much deeper into a specific topic. You choose from our options of relevant topics/themes. I provide a Workshop that takes either your whole church, or people interested in that specific topic/theme deeper. It could be an event you host for free or you could charge for tickets to it and/or promote it outside of your church to attract new visitors. This is a great way to not only attract new people to your church but attract the right kind of people – already engaged Christians committed to being involved and serving. Multiple formats are available to choose from including weekday or weekend conference, multi-Sunday guest sermon series, live webinar provided virtually, or part live webinar/part breakout small group workshop.

Option / Phase 3:

Action Groups

I (Brian Holmes) will act as a temporary, part-time Interim Small Groups Pastor.

Greater commitment, greater cost. As either part of your conference/workshop, or in the weeks following, we help you establish small groups and work out the details together so that it runs more smoothly. This is an ideal option if you don’t already have someone responsible for this role. We help your church identify interested members in your church in specific action topics and establish one or multiple Action Groups. If you already have a small groups program you can keep your current system and just add this new type of group to it. If you don’t have a small group system yet we will work with your staff to help you set up one. We help provide them with the online hub for them to stay connected, and are also available with training and guidance for them to identify a need, vision, strategy, and executable plans to be proactive together to change their communities.

The vision and objective for Action Groups is not to create a “ministry” that your church has to then hire a staff pastor for to executively manage. Rather, it is to identify a passion that all members share in common and then connect them together with the sole purpose of doing something about it. Of course, study, life, and discipleship will happen along the way but that is not the purpose of the group. Groups would be independently self-governed by members who will have to step up into leadership roles, discover their gifts, talents, and abilities, and learn how to work together.

Your church leadership is there to provide help. We’re here to provide help in any way we can. But we’re doing Christians a disservice if they are not actively learning how to become a disciple that makes other disciples on their own. The more they rely on “official clergy leadership” the more they will see themselves as laity who’s primary role is to be an audience/spectator. Every Christian should be being encouraged to discover their highest potential.

Enough micro-managing. Enough church functions that are primarily internal activities that never reach the outside.

It’s Time For ACTION!

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